Reach Beyond Canada Projects


Reach Beyond is dedicated to bringing hope to those that are in difficult, hard to reach parts of the world. When you give to Reach Beyond Canada, you are supporting kind hands and loving voices to those that are desperate to receive.



Our general fund contributes to our strategy of Community Development. We believe in assisting and serving the local people reaching their own communities. In the past four years we have formed bonds of friendship all over the world and our current team of volunteers continues to work with passion and zeal. Our strategy is outlined in three simple steps:

-          Step 1- Providing resources for leaders and pastors in over 100 countries. These resources are media and healthcare tools.

-          Step 2- Training. We continue to pour into the lives of those we support with the intention of having our partners carry on training in their own communities.

-          Step 3- Reaching the next generation. Our intention is for not just one life to be impacted but for generations of lives to be impacted. Kids programs, particularly visually media based, is the last step in our 3-5 year plan to grow and empower the next generation of well taught, well trained leaders.


Media Ministry

-          Scheduled recording in our in-house studio. We have partners teaching in languages that are spoken here in Canada and around the world. We use social media and websites to reach out to millions with a message of how to face every day. We believe that hearing programs from someone familiar has the largest impact.

-          Satellite broadcasting. Through strong partnerships we will have our positive TV programs for adults and children in North Africa and the Middle East with real time follow up for viewers.  This provides children, moms and dads a safe place to ask questions about everyday life.

-          Translation. Our media ministry provides bible translation into different sign languages. These sign language bibles will be distributed on personal electronic tablets. We are currently working on Cuban sign language and aim to begin Persian sign language in the New Year.


Join Us

Would you like to join us? Be a part of this team that is working to help those in need? Extending a hand of help has never been this easy. Consider getting involved:

-          Contribute financially to this work

-         Volunteer and lend a hand. Write us to find out ways you can join this team and be a part of something meaningful for this world!