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PROJECT Anapaike

Help us plant a church in the deep jungle of the Amazon. In the past we have worked with tribes that are largely unknown to the Western world, provided audio Bibles and now there is a desire for their own church. Help us raise the funds this year to provide a covered gathering area, a fellowship building, and a Christian radio station as well as water filtration system distribution.


There are over 400 different sign languages in the world, and most of them do not have a translation of the Bible in video format to view.


Reach Beyond Canada is currently partnering with Hearing Impaired pastors and congregations in Cuba & Brazil to translate the Bible into Cuban & Brazilian Sign Language. Each Sign Language is unique to its country and it is our hope to expand this program and use our media resources to provide each Sign Language with a video Bible.

PROclaim his word studios 

Our in-house studio that was generously donated in 2018, is used in Cambridge to record teachings in over five languages and broadcast via internet and satellite broadcasting.


Please visit the website for more information. If you have a desire to reach your people group here and abroad, please contact us for more information.


In 2016, an earthquake destroyed El Palmar Baptist Church in Manta, Ecuador. This area of of Ecuador has high drug trafficking and the El Palmar Baptist Church has a congregation of over 300, sharing the Gospel and living out faith in Manta and its surrounding areas.


Reach Beyond Canada alongside Canadian churches have been building a new location that will act as a church, a Bible Institute and much more.

mbingo Hospital project  

Reach Beyond Canada is helping with the design and construction of a new radiation therapy building in Bamenda, Cameroon. Radiation therapy is a much-needed resource in Africa, and this new facility will serve patients from the region. Funds raised for this project will go toward the construction of the project, including concrete, steel reinforcement, construction equipment and local labour forces.


Give Online. 

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In the message: Mbingo Hospital Project

 Asia Pacific Media & Community Development

Steve & Lisa Balzer, Asia Pacific

Steve and Lisa work in media and community development through installing and supporting radio stations, training staff, and serving refugee groups and marginalized peoples in Asia. Steve's expertise is in IT and radio broadcast engineering, while Lisa has a background in on-air programming and international development. Together they have used their skills and passions with Reach Beyond since 2006, helping national partners grow their own capacity to meet the physical and spiritual needs of their communities.

Shortwave radio broadcast

Brent & Shelly Weeks, Australia 

Brent and Shelley serve with Reach Beyond in Melbourne, Australia. Brent provides technical support to our studio and broadcast facilities while Shelley produces and schedules audio programming from numerous ministry partners, sharing the message of hope in Jesus in 30 different languages over shortwave radio to Asia. They have 3 adult sons, one living in Canada and two with them in Australia.

Graphic design work 

Kym Giles, North America 

God has been faithful to Kym throughout 27 years of ministry with graphic design, supporting many different aspects of Reach Beyond’s mission along the years, from serving HCJB Radio and missionary families to helping other organizations with their graphic needs. Due to the nature of Kim’s graphic work, it doesn’t really matter where she is in the world, because she can still work as long as she has access to a computer and internet connection.

Kym loves what she does and mostly loves who she does it for. 

IT, Ecuador discipleship 

Barry & Marlene Hamm, Ecuador 

Update Coming Soon!

Papua new Guinea Kudjip hospital

Earl & Cathy Hartwig, Papaua New Guinea 

Earl and Cathy have been missionaries with Reach Beyond for over 29 years​. After 21 years in Ecuador, God opened another door for the Hartwigs to work in Papua New Guinea in 2012. Earl & Cathy are the project managesr for the construction of a hydro electric project for the Nazarene mission hospital in Kudjip, Papua New Guinea.

Engineering & media projects

Bill & Emily Cheung, NAME Region

Emily and Bill originally served with Reach Beyond in Quito, Ecuador. Emily was an engineer on the Loreto Hydroelectric Project and Bill was the Director of Internet Ministries. After a period of time spent back in consulting engineering, Bill and Emily are now involved in regional and global engineering and media projects in a number of creative access countries. Their passion is to use their skills to improve lives and impact communities.

Every agency has requirements for career service, and most expect you to have all of the skills needed before you arrive at your place of service. Our FAST TRACK program helps alleviate this obstacle. If sense that the Lord is leading you to serve among unreached people and you already have some basic skills, we would like to invite you to join FAST TRACK. Come as a willing learner - we’ll give you the skills, the coaching, and the practice you need to thrive in career missions. 

FAST TRACK, currently offered as a community development program, begins with three months of training in Spain. We’ll mentor you and provide you with training in theology, missiology, cross cultural issues, community development and leadership development. Once you complete this initial training, we will deploy you as small teams into unreached areas, while we continue to teach and mentor you, helping you to grow in your skills and faith.

When you complete this two year program (or ask us about our 1 year option), you’ll be prepared to go to the field long-term. In fact, once you successfully complete this program, you’ll be considered for immediate career missionary appointment.

Our next program launches January 2020.