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Project Anapaike

Reaching The Amazon People

In the last few years, Reach Beyond has had the privilege of connecting with unknown tribes in the Amazon bordering Suriname. It has become evident through relationships with our partners that there are still several unreached people groups in this area that have not heard of Jesus. Some of these smaller tribes have broken away from larger ones and therefore many of them do not have an official name.


We have built relationships with tribes and chiefs while providing solar-powered Audio Bibles through our ‘Solar-Powered Technology’ Project. The response and impact has been overwhelming and there has now been a request for further discipleship including their own church to gather and worship.


It is our goal to not only see this church built but to see the community strengthened long-term.We are introducing 'Project Anapaike'. Project Anapaike is a five year plan, focusing on short term investment for long-term sustainability, both physically and spiritually. 

Project Objectives

There are two phases to Project Anapaike which will include multiple components based on the needs of the tribes. Our goal for Project Anapaike is to leave lasting sustainability, community and discipleship.


We are believers in Christ and we are meant to live our lives in community. Reach Beyond has spent time speaking to tribal leaders and we heard their cry for us to help them develop a community where Jesus is the common denominator. We believe this type of community will provide a safe place for all people. Currently, morale is down, depression and suicide are common and the youth are confused. We believe that the building of a community with programs that will help people find hope and reassure them that they are not alone will drastically improve their day to day lives.


Reach Beyond was able to witness a multitude of tribal people give their lives to Christ after several distributions of solar powered audio Bibles. The tribes listened intently to the word of God being spoken to them via the audio devices. Many people said they felt peace and had a reason to live. They found purpose for their lives. There is a need for us to provide discipleship training and further explain how they can build a true and meaningful relationship with Jesus. The goal is to make disciples that will go out and make more disciples.


After the build is completed, the site will need little to no maintenance beyond regular sweeping. We will appoint a local to manage the property. Electricity is provided free from the government of Suriname and water is carried from the river for toilets and showers. Any other needs for the church will be provided long-term by the congregation from weekly offerings. It is our goal for this church to be self-sustaining and entirely run by locals after five years.

Phase One Components:

Clean Water: Our water filtration systems will clean the stagnant, viscous water most villages in Anapaike are forced to drink from.

Shelter: A place to gather for the growing number of believers, protected from extreme weather and available for all tribes.

God’s Word: Christian radio content and audio Bibles for all believers will give unprecedented access to God’s word that has never before been so available to this area.

Phase Two Components

Pastoral Training: Our long-term program will train leaders to run and maintain a church and provide support and counselling for their growing congregations.

Micro-Business: Teaching men and women to use their crops and other opportunities to become economically self-sufficient and learn up to date agricultural practices for future growth. 

Building Begins: February 2020

The Goal: $250,000 CAD